Protecting Wildlife

Rainforests have been in danger for years and so has their wildlife and environment. It is time to take action and to care for and protest our planet if we want our human kind to survive.

These tropical heavens are forever being cut down. This is because the population of people around the world is increasing rapidly, which causes the need for more lumber, food, and land. We need lumber to make many things such as; furniture and much more. Also, we need more land because people around the world need more buildings and houses. This is exactly what lead to deforestation.

Pollution is always the number one harmful and famous reason species of animals are occasionally and sadly disappearing.

First, the most popular type of pollution is smoke, which causes acid rain. It also increases our chance of getting global warming, and that will cause the ice caps to melt. Eventually the sea level will rise and the ozone layer will be much weaker.

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are a very poisonous substance to wildlife. If a mouse, for example, eats a grain or seed treated with PCBs it will store it in its body. A short while later an owl might spot it and eat it. When digested the owl will have the chemical in its body and possibly lay eggs. The shells on the eggs will be less supportive than they are supposed to be. This causes fewer owlets to survive.

Lastly, oil spills are a big threat to the environment. They endanger animals such as otters, seagulls, fish, crab, duck (especially) and much other wildlife that live on or by seashores.

And finally, hunting causes the death of hundreds of animals that to me, is the harshest way to rid of animals. However, it has been happening ever since the mankind liveses on this very planet.

Imagine you were minding your own business, eating maybe, and a machine appeared with a human controlling it. The human comes and takes and you have no idea why. Anyway, you never see your friends or your family ever again.

Trawling is wounding because it disturbs the food chain of many creatures. When this is done, it takes many fish and other from the bottom of the sea. When birds or other larger animals or fish hunt, they cannot find any and pass away from hunger and fright.

Unnecessary hunting is almost like poaching but sadly, worse. This is mostly completed for unneeded reasons such as for fun or to make something. Animals as the black rhino are endangered because of its useful horn. Until people change their mind to this, the rare and beautiful animals cannot and will not survive.

Clearly, rainforests around the world just may not survive if we continue this horrid way. As we are healthy and have a home to live in, wildlife is being poisoned, killed, and captured for unnecessary reasons. However, wildlife aren’t  the only things being harmed, there are also people who enjoy nature and are fascinated by its natural beauty and are strongly concerned to help. An easy method is to not use artificial fertilizers and pesticides that disrupt animals’ food chain. We, obviously, are not the only habitants on this planet, and that is definitely the way we need to keep it. If we don’t act now, sadly, none of us may survive.