Rock Story

What if you were a rock? How would it be for you? Here’s the story that I wrote at San Francisco.

I loved being a piece of a sea arch and the sun warm me and mist cool me every day. One day, came a huge wave which twirled and smashed me until I was a sedimentary rock. After, I was missing my sunny and misty  home and at my thought, I got new neighbors. I felt more minerals and rocks connect to me and I was soon a metamorphic rock. When finally at piece and steadiness I felt the darkness closing in on me. I missed the sun and mist I used to enjoy. Suddenly, I felt rumbling and the burning of ash and fire. I knew then that I was rising and finally saw that I was shot out of a deadly volcano. Before my thoughts could catch up with me, I was a smooth and black igneous rock at the bottom of the sea getting used to my new home. You never know what turn life may take.


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