So, now of course, is May and I’m off track because I’m not on a traditional schedule. Sadly, and happily, I only have one or even less than a month of school left. I cannot bare the thought of going to middle school. My teacher is so great. He’s nice, funny, and everything that any kid would want a for a  teacher! Anyway, as my title mentions “School=Drama”. On Thursday, April 29,2010 my class and I were heading back to school from a field trip and a girl named Amanda was crying. When there a distant friend of mine, Dillon, told me the entire story, ( for it was him at whom she was mad at) It turns out he called her Medusa! I know what you’re thinking that is really mean but she told him to call her that. So, from his side of the story I can see that it wasn’t his fault, but as I always say, ” never judge a situation before you hear both sides of the story”.


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