From Cute 2 Hott

Miley Cyrus. I may not know much about her but I’ve watched her progress for 5 years. When I just arrived to California I admit I did watch Hannah Montana for a while, but she has changed going from music videos “Start all Over” to “Party in the U.S.A” and finally to “Can’t Be Tamed” I’m not saying she is a bad singer, she has a great and strong voice. For her, maybe it would be better if she finished with her Disney Channel show because she is clearly not for kids anymore. Just saying, I am treasuring my childhood. It is something very special to me. I, unlike Miley Cyrus and some pre- teens, do not want to grow up too fast and most certainly do not want to go from cute to hott but want to go from cute to even cuter!!! I wish all teen celebrities acted the same. We grow faster than we notice.


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