Meeting New People

OK, so, middle school is great, fun, but one thing always gets in my way. My relationships. My best friend, who I’ve known for almost 5 years, is hardly ever available. Because the school she goes to, assigns  lots of homework, it’s been hard for us to really talk or even see each- other. I really miss her, but I am concerned with her education, so I understand, and encourage her to do her best. Also, a guy I really liked, and I’ve known him for about 4 years. Since the day of our 6th grade promotion, I have never seen him. Anyways, I believe it’s better that way. However, with every downside, there is always an upside. In the 4 weeks I’ve been attending middle school, I met a really great person. Her name is Nancy. I met her through a project we were working on and the result, well, we had loads of fun! We talked, luaghed, and our Science Technology class turned out to be our most fun class and time of the day. I guess everything happens for a reason, so, ther’s no point regretting anything. No matter if it’s good or bad, deal with it. or if there’s some possible solution, give that a try.


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