My California Capital Airshow Experience

This weekend is something that will definitely remain in my memory. Now, Saturday was pretty normal; cleaning, updating, e-mailing, eating, and more cleaning. However, it wasn’t boring. In the evening, Natalie, my best friend, came over for a sleep over. And this is what leads us to Sunday. See, the reasons she came where that we haven’t seen each-other for a long period of time and missed each-other, and she wanted to go to the airshow with my family and I, which required an early wake up time-6:30A.M (well, at least that’s early for us) before the show on Sunday, we ate dinner with my parents, talked, and enjoyed a romantic comedy called Killers, starring Ashton Kutcher, (not that we like him or anything). Ok, so Sunday, we ate breakfast and arrived at the airport. We took a walk around the airport, and there we came in contact with a flight simulator and WE HAD A BLAST!!! They buckled us up in our seats and there was a T.V screen in front of us. When the flight began, it was as if we were in an airplane flying over the Mojave desert. The simulator spinned us and turned us upside down. I was yelling, ’cause I was freaked out about being held upside down and seeing my legs dangle before me. However, Natalie wasn’t scared at all, she was laughing! Later there, we met up with our friends; Derek, Devon, and Katie. Because I was pretty tired since Natalie and I stayed up until midnight the night before, we tried a series of energy drinks, that I did not like at all. Next we watched airplanes do some crazy tricks and enjoyed ourselves, drank a lot of water because of all the heat, took some pictures, and so on. Besides the thrilling planes, there was a huge dinosaur by the name of Robosaurus. HE WAS ENORMOUS!!! The robot picked up real cars, lit them on fire, tore them apart, and threw them on the ground, leaving them behind to burn. Now, even though this airshow was hosted by the hot, boiling sun, I’m glad I experienced it.


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