Jessica Cox- Armless Pilot

First, do any of you know who Jessica Cox is? if you don’t she is the only person in the world to fly an airplane without any arms. YES, REALLY! And I actually have had the honor to see and meet her. First of all, she was born without any arms, and so she learned how to do things without them, just like we learned how to do things with our hands. When she was little, her play on the playground was limited, and so she swung on the swings. When sitting there, she remembered having the thought of being Superwoman, and that all the other kids would look up to her. The way she actually got the chance to fly an airplane, was when she met a pilot at one of her motivation speeches, for she was a motivational speaker. There, the pilot asked her if she wanted to fly a plane, and though she was scared, she agreed to. From then on, she was taught how to fly one, and began flying airplanes. Let this be an inspiration for you, to never give up on your dreams, no matter how limited you may be. Therefore, she achieved her dream of being Superwoman.


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