Spam. What that is, are basically forwards. You would know if you have an e-mail account. Anyways, some are threatening, and are made to scare people in a way that makes their message go around. The latest one I recieved, I hardly even read. That is because some forwards are good ones and are fun to read and some also have humorous pictures. This one ,however, was frightening. If you ever receive spam, always look at the subject of the e-mail first. However, that may not always be able to help. If this is the cause, read the first sentence about the forward. If it is bad, or seems bad, don’t read it at all. It’ll keep you from getting scared, and forced to send it to other people. Trust me, all of that is fake, and you should never take it seriously. Also, if someone else sends it to you, that means they don’t value you and they’re scared enough to not care about your reaction to whether you’ll send it or not. So, do yourself a favor; ignore threatening and frightening spam, and don’t read it. Then just simply erase it, and take it from me, you’ll be safe and most definitely UN harmed.


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