An Ellegant Pony

Right now, bangs are popular, but you can never go wrong with a sleek and pulled back pony tail. Sometimes, your forehead just needs some air to breathe and relax. Depending on how thick your hair actually is, your bangs can block oxygen from your forehead, and cause acne and pimples. Sweating under your bangs only makes it worse. A pony tail with pulled back bangs can solve this problem problems. Not only does it allow your head the pores on your head to breathe, but it also reveals your face and true beauty. A pony tail like this is elegant and neat, but if you make it, do it the right way.

1) When your hair is down, put a rubber band on your wrist, and apply hair spray to your hair

2) Next, brush your hair out, while the hair spray is still wet

3) Brush it out into a neat pony tail, and let the hairspray dry


3 thoughts on “An Ellegant Pony

  1. About the ponytail thing it is actually true. Even thought bangs or even side bangs aren’t good for your forehead.

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