What you want…

So lately, I’ve Been writing a lot about volleyball, my friends, and basically my life, and things going on in it. I decided that because this website was made for everyone to look at and visit, I want you to write what you would want me to write about in the comments, whether it’s advice, or jut something you would find fun or interesting to look at on this site. Again, this website was created to entertain you, and meet your interests, so please, don’t be shy, I want your ideas to make this a better website for everyone.

Ok, so far I only got ONE request, come on people, you know what you want, don’t be shy! and special thanks to person who made a request


2 thoughts on “What you want…

  1. UMMM………. how about anything you want. Wait that will make it hard for you to decide instead of me giving you a strait answer. UMMM………..how about your B-day coming up!!!!!!!!! And Halloween!!!

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