A Great Pet-Bunnies!!!

I have a bunny, a lop bunny, and she is a wonderful pet. Of course, along with her cuteness, which is the benefit of owning her, is cleaning her large cage and sometimes, just maybe sometimes when you hold a bunny too long…peed on, and so also consider wearing clothes that is old, or you don’t care about, that way you wont get upset if this happens. Rabbits are actually very clean, it’s their cage that stinks. They are much like cats. They clean themselves, and have the ability to jump really high-I think my bunny can jump up a foot high!!! But of course, the jumping is because of their large feet. Bunnies like to be fed hay, carrots, apples, pears, cabbage, and parsley. Basically, they love fruits and vegetables, however, don’t feed those to them very often, or your bunny will gain weight, probably once, twice a week is enough. In their cage, bunnies should always have hay in their cage, they can eat as much of that as they need, it doesn’t cause them to gain weight, and your bunny will be healthy. You should begin holding/taming your bunny to get used to you, when they are young, that way when they grow older, they will remember you, and will be used to you holding them. When it is nice outside, and no large majestic birds of prey are in the air, I let my bunny out on my backyard lawn, but before I attempt that, I check for holes under my fence, which you should definitely do, or else your bunny may get out and get lost, and unlike dogs or cats, they will not find their way back. So, if your backyard is safe, and the sky is clear, let your bunny out for a walk so that they can get some exercise and they’ll love it, I know mine does. Clearly, bunnies are great pets to have just remember all of the key information I’ve posted to you, and you will have a happy, new and furry member of the family.