Wanting to Stay Young, Yet Wanting to Grow Up

Today, as many people have, I went to the mall with my parents. I wanted to buy both my parents presents and faced many difficulties. IT WAS A PAIN!!! when my mom went to buy me a present, which resulted in her not buying it, my dad and I rushed over so that I could get my mom a present. We ended up going to a very fancy store, which I can’t say the name of yet, and hurriedly bought the present. And then, the surprise for my dad was ruined right when we got to the mall because my mom brought it up. So, what I’m saying is, it’s a pain trying to surprise your parents when your only 13. Now, I am totally getting a car as soon as I can because this can sometime suck. Then again, school is not too hard right now, and I know I have more time now than I will in the future, so I know I need to spend it wisely. Also, I love being a kid, ok a pre-teen, well I don’t actually consider myself a teenager because I am still kinda short and I have a really strong relationship with my parents, and most of my friends are the same, but what can I say, I can sometimes get a little moody, but it happens with all of us, sometimes it’s just hard to control mood and feelings.


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