Good thing Don’t Last-Life Trend

I guess I left out one part in the post “A great Pet-Bunnies”. In one point in their lives, male or female, they will go through a stage, probably what we call puberty. Lately I’ve been holding and playing with my bunny and she is just not behaving like she did before. I really hope this is temporary because it does hurt when she bites. I guess I jinxed it when I wrote the blog on how fantastic they are to have as pets, but then again I really want to believe that her personality will change back to normal soon. However, good things don’t last, but to make it fair, neither do bad things. Life is always supposed to be balanced out; you have your ups and downs. Pretty similar to a stock market. And so, maybe if my rabbit is acting this way, something good may also happen to balance my life out.


2 thoughts on “Good thing Don’t Last-Life Trend

  1. Yeah when my guinea pig was about one he became more FAT and FLUFFY and L-A-Z-Y but he lost the lazyness later and i thought that he thought that he was a racing horse because he would always run around his cage like a horse!!

    CI D
    (O.O) (guinea pig but it isnt pretty enough)
    (___ )
    () ()

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