Tron Legacy

This weekend, I went to the movie theater, which is a rare occasion for my whole family actually, and we watched the new movie, Tron Legacy in 3D. I liked it, it was very dynamic and very well filmed, or I guess I should say, drawn, because most of the movie was. So, judging by the commercials you probably already have an idea about what the movie is about, but if not, here’s a summary from my point of view. A man by the name of Kevin Flynn, Sam’s dad, always told his son stories about the world of Tron and promises to someday take Sam there, however, one day his father goes missing, but Kevin Flynn’s co worker never gave up on him to think he were dead. His co-worker thought that he had just gone missing maybe trapped, wanting to return. Many years later, Allen, the co-worker gets paged by Kevin Flynn, and tells Sam about it.  So later, when thinking about it, Sam decides to search for his father, and when he enters his dad’s office in his old arcade, he enters the world of Tron, and there faces many obstacles, struggling to find his father.

As I said, I thought of this as a pretty good movie, but it really adds to the experience if you watch it in 3D. I didn’t recognize any famous actors I would know of, but the choice of the cast was pretty well chosen. And I conclude that if you like action, futuristic technology, mixed with a bit of comedy, this is a great movie for you.


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