Control Over Destiny

Last week, I read a story at school and noticed something that I already knew, however, it struck me. For the story, it was a theme, but in truth it’s actually more than just a theme. People make their own future. People control their own destiny. As, when for example, your alarm clock goes off on a school day, and you hit snooze. This results in being late to school and suffering consequences like maybe detention. Then, if you didn’t hit snooze and woke up, you would be on time for school, and your school performance would be much better. So, I never really believe those movies where people say “this is your destiny”. Something is only your destiny if you made it, or if you like it, you can probably always change it, and no one has control over your future. So do good and healthy things and they’ll make your future.


3 thoughts on “Control Over Destiny

  1. Haha!! So true!! I always hate it when they say “This is your destiny, you cannot change it.” in movies, it just doesn’t relate to real life.:D

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