A Christmas Carol- Review

Ok, so I haven’t been writing very many posts lately, but that’s because I just started school again and I’ve been busy with my band and school-work. Also, I realize that the movie ” A Christmas Carol” was out in theaters a long while ago, but in case you haven’t watched it, here’s a short review of the animated film in my opinion. First positive; I really think that the movie carried out a good message. Give to the needy when you can, have spirit in you, be loving, and things like that. Also, the movie was very well drawn, there was a lot of detail and the film in all was eye-pleasing, except for some parts that were a bit disturbing, but those I’m not giving away. So the negatives; as I said, parts that were a bit scary to me at least. Then again, my parents thought it was kinda weird too, so I’m not really getting how this is for kids. I say PG, well maybe that is the rating, I’m not sure. Anyway, I conclude that I did not like this movie and do not recommend it for kids under 10, but that’s just me.

Here’s a sneek peek 😉



One thought on “A Christmas Carol- Review

  1. Ooooh!!! I wanna see!!!:DDD The graphics look wonderful!!! and i seen another version of this story that was G rated, when i was ’bout 10, and it scared me!!! haha…..and it wasn’t even supposed to be scary….it is pretty weird, but i think the plot is pretty genius:)

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