Older Songs Forgotten?

Most people ,especially teenagers, often think that they have to do whatever everyone else is doing in order to fit in, such as only listen to the new songs played on the radio over and over day after day until the songs drive people crazy, like the recent song “Love the Way You Lie”. Well, have the older songs been forgotten? Have they been ignored, even if better than new ones? I mean don’t get me wrong, some new songs are awesome, and I love them, however, what I’m saying is, maybe we should sometimes listen to older songs such as Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crowe, or Vanessa Hudgens, and how about Hillary Duff? In my opinion, just because those people have stopped singing, doesn’t mean we should not listen to their songs only because they’re not being played on the radio 10 times a day. I think that when people record songs and those songs become popular, they’re meant to stay, for people to listen to them and remember the artist. My point is, we shouldn’t let good songs be forgotten just because they are dated or no longer popular. See/listen to some older songs in my “Fun Videos” section.


4 thoughts on “Older Songs Forgotten?

  1. FYI, a lot of people DO listen to older songs…..and people aren’t just ‘forgetting’ about them they’re just adding new songs to their playlists or whatever.

  2. Honestly, just because a song’s not being played on the radio doesn’t mean that it’s been “forgotten”. There’s just a higher demand for the more recent and popular songs to be played. And also just because you don’t hear their songs doesn’t mean the artists have “stopped singing”. They’re still singing and creating songs and albums you just wouldn’t know about it unless you check their websites often or google it. And of course the songs are still there even if they’re not played for a while; many people still listen to these older songs, whether it’s through YouTube or they purchased it on iTunes. There’s also some radio stations like 96.1 that still play those older songs also so it’s not 100% “popular and new” songs that are being played.

  3. I totally agree with Icefeather and “PWIVDT”, but consider the songs teens listen to nowadays. Its not often that you hear a teenager say they listen to classical music or Led Zeppelin anymore. Thats because most of the music they’ve been exposed to are songs from “popular” music stations. That’s what their friends listen to, and that’s what the majority of the music stations play, so what do you think they would listen to? Obviously whats being so exposed to them. So i think what hottabb is trying to say is that TEENAGERS don’t listen to older songs anymore, not the general society.

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