New Outlook

School is pretty same and repetitive sometimes, even though we do learn something new every day. The same schedules, teachers, classes and all.  I for example, got really tired and at the time I ran into a problem with one of my classmates, but then renewed it. Everything was the same week after week. However, then I signed up for the Lip Sync competition at my school and before I knew it was one of the most exciting and fun places to be at. I guess It’s because I got involved in a school activity, so my schedule turned around a bit and plus it was super fun and I WON 2ND PLACE!!! Also the rain, which always causes excitement even though it annoys you when you get wet and run to the cafeteria during lunch.
Despite those facts, it is required for all 7th graders to take health class, and that’s what I have right now. From the beginning of the term to about the lesson before family life, it was pretty easy to interpret all the information and take notes on lectures. But now everyone who is in health is taking family life. It’s just too awkward and I cannot interpret most of what the teacher tells us because it just sounds wrong. I mean seriously, how is anyone supposed to take video notes on ‘IT” while everyone in the class is laughing their heads off from embarrassment? It’s pretty tough, so I’m kind of worried about taking the test at the end of the lesson. Everyone should just be assigned to watch the video and take notes on it on their own at their house or something like that just to make it easier.
Basically, people just need changes in their lives. As I always say, “if you don’t have change in your life, then you’re not living it”. However, never say, “I hate my life” or “Ugh, my life is so boring” ’cause you never know sometimes, your life can take a wrong turn and you’ll be regretting that you’ve said what you had said. Trust me, it’s happened to me before 😉

One thought on “New Outlook

  1. ROFL!!!~ hahaaaaa, yah, the video was highly disturbing….and Congrats on winning second place!!! U totally rocked the place w/ ur performance!!!:D
    And I LUV ur quote…..”if you don’t have change in your life, then you’re not living it”…..Spectac.

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