Talent- Non Without Experience

About a few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian, a reality star and model, released her first and new song; Jams. Many people have commented  on You Tube, that they did not like the song. However, people need experience, and with it, they can find out what their talents and strengths are, and along with that, what their weaknesses are. Kim Kardashian was trying to do something new for the fun of it. So, she probably found out from the experience, that singing, for her, is a weakness. It all depends though, because some people may disagree with this, due to the fact that they do like this song. I, for example, like this song. I think Kim’s singing is fine. To me, it’s better than some popular people’s singing, and plus it’s a pretty good song; the music and all. No one can be good and have talent at every skill, only if they practice. If a person can’t sing, they can practice and practice, and so their vocal chords would get stronger over time. And this would apply to other skills also. But just have in mind; we can’t be talented, with no experience.

Here’s Kim Kardashian’s new song;


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