Jinx. A person, thing, or influence supposed to bring bad luck, according to the dictionary. But is it really that? Is there really such a thing or is it all in our heads? When we say something, such as “oh man, this party is gonna be so fun”, why does the party at times turn out to be boring? It’s really an interesting thing that fills our every day lives, yet we at times seem to ignore it. But, when people say things like, ” you’re totally going to win…” while playing a game, how come it happens so often that the person loses, after all, it was just encouragement. And then people may afterwards say, “oh great you jinxed it”…I personally think “jinx” comes from inside our heads, all we’ve done, was discovered a word for it. Some people are afraid of jinx, when really they’re only afraid of themselves. And this describes jinx perfectly, it’s like fear, the unknown. People are afraid of the unknown. As people don’t understand why jinx occurs. So I myself, couldn’t help but wonder…what is jinx really, and why does it happen?


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