Given, Undeserved

Some people may say that if there really are aliens, then why don’t they help us with their advanced technology. However, isn’t it reasonable to think that they are really protecting us by doing just that? For example, when a child is given a toy that is an electric train, how will they set it up and make it work on their own? They would be helpless without an adult’s help, of course they are of course, a genous. But,there is a higher chance that they might end up hurting themselves which would be even worse. Or they could simply use the toy for something else that it is not meant to be used for, which could also result in harm. So, if we were given something out of this world advanced technology…what makes us think that we’ll know how to use and operate with it and that it will be of help to us? We are uncertain. We have to make our own technology so that we are able to catch up wit h ourselves, so that we cannot hurt ourselves and our surroundings. Therefore, I was preserved in the thought of…would we be able to work with given, great technology knowingly and safely?


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