Digital Dummies

Over these last few decades, technology has greatly evolved. One of the most great and life-changing objects though, out of these innovations are the cell phones, but are they also bringing harm to people as well as all the positive effects. When smart phones came out, many people of course purchased them, but now these smart phones have become much more than just our cell phones. They have become a part of our every day lives. We now use them to surf the web, check our e-mail, watch movies, listen to music and along with that, so much more. Yet, all of these features are a distraction. These phones can be so attractive, in fact, that we want to use them everywhere and all the time. However, scientists have recently discovered that when there is a lot of direct contact with the cell phone and ear there is a risk of getting a brain tumor which is highly fatal and dangerous. Now we have to get used to using Bluetooth and speakerphone. In other words, we have to adjust to our phones, instead of our phones adjusting to us. So I couldn’t help but wonder…are we becoming digital dummies?


One thought on “Digital Dummies

  1. I agree! Although all the tech are really useful and great, some people get to addicted to them-all the crashes and stuff.

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