Hidden Gifts

We all love receiving gifts, and we think to wish it were Christmas morning every day, even at times when we are older. But, are we missing something? As to say, many children in Africa are starved, unfortunately, and so it is safe to suggest that to them, a hot bowl of soup, a nice shower, and a safe and clean, comfortable place to sleep would be one of the greatest, indescribable gifts they could receive. Or, if everything were to be taken away from us, and we lived in a desert…forget the fancy energy drinks, iced teas, and sodas, we would be craving water, a real and very fortunate gift we are lucky to be supplied with 365 days of the year, every year of our lives. Or maybe we’ll go a different route…nature. Many of us these days are glued to our fancy television screens and computers, so we forget to even look out the window. We don’t take the time out of our day to take a nice stroll through the park. More over, we don’t notice the gorgeous details of nature. Right now, go on Google Images, type in “nature” and see the beautiful gifts we are always, and God give, forever surrounded by. So look outside, have some pure, fresh water…it certainly is Christmas every day.


One thought on “Hidden Gifts

  1. In this generation, it is truly difficult for a person to look at the place they live and the resources that are practically given to them and actually think, “wow, am I fortunate to have all this”. And I think it is becuz some ppl have never experienced the conditions that say, children in Africa have. so they have not truly felt hunger, or true thirst. If they are cold or hot, they can do something about it. But in Africa, the poor do not have air conditioning, nor a heating system. You can say these two societies are worlds apart. So i believe that in order to be FULLY appreciative of your situation, you have to step into someone else’s shoes. Or rather, if they don’t have shoes, feet.

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