New Generation, New People

In lands far away, long ago lived some people…a lot of them, just like now. Most of them, especially the nobles, were so proper and polite, but now have these traditions changed? You walk around almost any public middle school campus nowadays and you’ll hear some of the worse cuss words in the English language. While some of us stay this way, polite and proper, many of us are over-exaggerating with the use of these words. But it’s not only the language. Our actions and behavior towards one another. If, for example, someone we’re not friends with comes up to us and asks us a question, we now wouldn’t reply anything like we would a couple of our own generations ago, or at least many of the people I know would not. For some reason, especially at the teen years we have lost respect for each other. So I couldn’t help but wonder…why the sharp changes?


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