Why Do Good Things Come To an End?

 Now remembering the last few weeks of the last school year, as every kid was waiting for summer break. Now there is only three weeks left and it makes you wonder…why do good things come to an end? Maybe if we had more time for summer, as in Europe when everyone goes back to school in September, we would forget too much that we’ve learned before, even if we are entering a new grade. Or do we need balance between work and vacation? For example, if we work to hard and too often, we will be tired out, and if our summer break were too long, we would become so used to it, we would have a hard time going back to school or in other cases, work. However, when one good thing ends, a new one begins, so maybe there really isn’t an ending because there is always once again a beginning. But when it comes to life and all of life’s matters…why do good things quickly come to an end only to return once again in a matter of time?


2 thoughts on “Why Do Good Things Come To an End?

  1. Having just returned from my third trip to Costa Rica, I must say there are places where work is not high on the list of priorities. Work is just a way to pay the bills — not a way of life. It was so incredibly enjoyable to be immersed in a culture that truly values family and friends and makes that their priority.

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