Stage Fright

 A number of people enjoy singing, but not performing. Why? Stage fright. Some of us have stronger reactions to this fear than others. But, how come if there is something we love to do, we are too scared to share with a certain amount of audience? As all of our fear, this one comes from our heads as well, it’s not a condition, it is a state of lacking self confidence and belief in yourself and your strengths. Maybe though, it is easier for people who’ve been performing since a very young age, or have family members who love the stage as well. So, my advice to all the people out there who love to dance, sing, etc. is that all you can do, is take deep breaths, clear your mind, and go out there, and HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF, because if you are truly talented then you want the world to see you, and who knows, taking this tiny step in progress, can be your first to becoming a known name around the globe.


7 thoughts on “Stage Fright

  1. i have the worst stage fright, i forget everything i am supposed to do, my knees start shaking and everything just gets blurring..i hope one day i will get over it.. great post..:-D

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