Dating: Fun and Games, or Search for Soul Mate?

Dating is usually what people in their twenties are doing in the search for their great love, their soul mate. However, teenagers and even pre-teens have taken part in this, and this is usually how it goes…a boy likes a girl, the girl likes the boy, they “date” (walk around holding hands and occasionally sharing a hug or kiss) for a week or so, and then they break up…ok….Now, the question is, why the need to do this in sixth grade or the middle school years because if you think about it, is anybody really trying to find their soul mate in middle school?  And what’s the rush, if anyone actually is. It is a distraction from the learning environment and important things in life, like family. In high school and college it may seem to make more sense, but in sixth grade and in middle school- the awkward stage where girls mature quicker than boys…is it really necessary?  Maybe this generation is taking a huge leap and growing up too fast. So I couldn’t help but wonder…for these certain pre-teens and young teenagers, is dating just a game of fun, or the search for their soul mate? After all, “love is not only a feeling, it is a commitment”.


3 thoughts on “Dating: Fun and Games, or Search for Soul Mate?

  1. lol.. i only started dating when i was 19, so i never got to experience middle school love, but i believe they are just trying to find some one who likes them.. great post.. 🙂

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