Stepping into Their Shoes

Now in eight grade, I’ve head a lot of experience of going to a new school where I didn’t know anyone, and where there were no friends of mine of. It’s not easy. Now that school has once again started, there are some new students who are 8th graders and of course all the seventh graders. There is a girl in all of my classes and she is new to the school and I noticed her yesterday. She didn’t have any friends at this school she transfered to and so I decided to help. But first I thought, what if I were in her place, and I have been a couple of times and as I mentioned, it took a while to make some friends and for everyone to stop calling you “the new kid”. I invited her to come sit with us at lunch because it is truly a lonely feeling to be sitting alone. And the thing is, I’m sure it has made her life a tad bit easier knowing that she now has some people who she knows and is familiar with, and due to the fact, she will soon meet many more people and have more friends to hang out with. But when you are in a situation like I was today, you shouldn’t tease or talk about the person behind their backs about who they are and where they are from, you just ask them, and talk to them, because think about it, what if you were in their shoes? However, if you are the new kid attending a new school, some piece of advice for you as well; have self confidence in yourself and take control, try to talk to people and if you are open and nice like that you will make connections with many people, and remember, everyone was new somewhere someday in their lives, somehow, and you will not end up alone, there is a group of people who share things in common with you and who you will match up with. That is actually one of the great things about school….many different groups of people to hang  with…no worries.


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