Time in Quietness

Sometimes life can be rough. You get in fights with friends, you get a bad grade, someone is mean to you, or anything else like that. Sometimes these things really get to you, and when upset you just feel so alone. As if it is like no one understands why you are mad or upset. Especially to all the sensitive people out there, it can be a tough thing. You always need people there for you like your friends. They will be there to defend you, to help you out, but sometimes disagree with you. They can sometimes not stand up for you when they see a person being rude to you. So you go home, and you spend “time in quietness”. Time to think. And what you soon realize is that you are your greatest friend…and when no one stands up for you, thats what you yourself have to do because you can only depend on yourself. Yet in rare situations to help out along the journey of life, friends do come along, really good ones, who will really know and respect you. However, every person is different, so I couldn’t help but wonder…do most people find really amazing friends who last a lifetime, or do we just have to depend on ourselves?


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