Difference in Nature, Difference in People

Alright, so I was a bit off on the Shooting Stars post earlier on in the sense that they aren’t actually fallen stars, but are actually loose, falling rocks in space. Still though, these rocks were once part of existing stars. However, this led me to think that things in nature, such as clouds, flowers, and such are all different and unique in their own way…no 2 of the same species of objects are exactly the same, no matter what. I thought, humans are all unique as well, or at least they were. See, now to find out that a person is different from the crowd is getting to know them. And being different and standing out can definitely be a good thing. At this time, maybe in fashion, I could say, we are all very alike. Girls wear one type of similar clothes brands, and guys have their own clothes brands, so even though if some schools don’t require uniform, we basically have it anyways, but we make the uniform ourselves. All the boys have their Nike socks up high and the girls have their Toms shoes and Abercrombie and Fitch shirts. Of course there are also brands like Aeropostale, Hollister, and Wet Seal, but I just come straight to the point. Necessarily this isn’t a bad thing, but maybe doing things like looking at different clothes stores and brands to enhance your own, unique sense of style could make anyone stand out in a good way. Of course, then when someone asks where you bought a certain piece of clothing you simply answer with “I forgot”…haha


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