6th Annual California Capital Airshow

This weekend I attended and volunteered at the 6th Annual California Capital Airshow. It was an extravagant and exciting experience. Many amazing features made the show as great as it was. There was an imitation of the Pearl Harbor attack, fantastic aerobatic flights by the amazing Patty Wagstaff, thrilled flights of the F 18 Super Hornnet, which was then followed by a huge parallel to the horizon bomb, which was a surprise and felt like a giant heat wave. Along with all the great performances, music that matched it, came through the speakers.

The first thing that was most exciting and started out the show, was the Pearl Harbor imitaion attack. This was really a sight to see. The atmosphere and surroundings made it almost seem as though you were there. Basically all that was missing were the Navy sailors and the ocean. The whole airport was filled with smoke and excitement. And as all the bombs would explode, the grasshoppers made their way out and onto the concrete to safety. The act was made possible by the TORA TORA TORA pilots, who made the whole experience, one to remember.

























Next out of some of the main performances flew the legendary Patty Wagstaff, who in 1991 was the first woman to win the title of U.S National Aerobatic champion. Her performances were some of the most entertaining, with her airplane being able to fly more than 600 mph. She however, is that great, and made two appearances both in the sky and in the autograph tent. In both acts she had done her wonderful aerobics and in the second, in particular, she raced a jet truck, and indeed she in the plane, won. Though, the truck was so powerful, it had to release parachutes in order to be able to stop and slow down. Furthermore, as a person she is so friendly and affectionate with all of her fans who came to receive a signature and a photograph. And let me tell you, the line to receive her signature, was greatly one of the longest and took about 30 minutes. As well as all the other pilots, I got to meet her and also received a signature.











Also showing off tremendous skill, was the pilot of the F 18 Super Hornet. The performance was tremendous, along with the fact that this was one of the loudest planes, it made the time spent even that much more exciting. The audience had to wear ear plugs and even those didn’t block out the sound of the powerful machine too much. He did incredible stunts in the blue sky, and at the ending of his performance, in a surprise, there was a bomb, that was parallel to the horizon that swept us over like a giant heat wave. The explosion was ample and great, as well as totally unexpected by the shocked audiences.



















And of course, there were many different appearances of a variety of airplanes including the Navy, Rescue helicopters, and huge cargo planes, in between and throughout the show, the flight that will be remembered the most, is the non other than the Patriots fighter jets. Their act was just beautiful, emotional, and almost indescribable. They definitely flew with their pride, especially having their team name, Patriots, backed up by such rich history. And knowing that my dad, actually flew the Patriot plane model, when he was a fighter pilot, it made the experience that much more meaningful to me. The blue sky was filled with colorful smoke being ejected from the back of the planes, in ribbons, and on the ground people were praising and cheering the pilots on, as they flew and ended the 6th Annual Airshow beautifully.





































After the completion, the pilots headed towards the autograph tent to where a line of people had already gathered. Of course after such amazing achievement, the pilots were scorched and needed to be brought cold water. Well you can’t blame ’em. They definitely deserved it. I got to speak with all eight of them as well as get their autographs. All of the pilots were excited and hardly seemed exhausted because they had just finished what they loved to do, which is what every day should be about. Bringing pleasure to people, by bringing pleasure to yourself.


4 thoughts on “6th Annual California Capital Airshow

  1. Im glad you enjoyed it, it must havd been a wonderful experience! 😀
    I see you also learned something as well:

    “All of the pilots were excited and hardly seemed exhausted because they had just finished what they loved to do, which is what every day should be about. Bringing pleasure to people, by bringing pleasure to yourself.”

    If you truly love your job and what you do, your job will never seem like a hassle. Live each and every day wholeheartedly. And you’ll never regret it.

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