Remember the Before, Move Forward with the After

 During our lives, we experience many social changes. We make friends as soon as we go to school. Sooner or later we have to move on as we grow and prosper, and so we go to middle school, and even before that, our friends can move and relocate. However, do these separations mean that we forget about the friends and relationships we had, especially if they were fun-filled and meaningful? In my opinion, distance should not be a main component of forgetting someone and not contacting them any longer. Now, this does not have to keep us, of course, from making new contacts with people we meet in the future. Obviously, we have to keep moving forward and make many fantastic friends, but the ones we have had in the past, we can never forget, we have to keep in contact if they really do mean something to us, then we should let them know.


5 thoughts on “Remember the Before, Move Forward with the After

  1. Im digging the picture!!! (and the post of course)

    Friends should all be treasured, regardless of the duration you have spent with them.

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