Christmas in California

Christmas is my most favorite holiday ever, as well as New Years. In my head, I imagine that time of the year in the most perfect and traditional way; snowy, every house decorated on every street, and crowded malls :D. Even though in California it snows in the North East, it seems not enough. Even now at the moment it is 70 degrees at Los Angeles on sunny days. What got me to thinking about this, was when in my Physical Education class, we were running the track while the sun was out, and Christmas music was playing through the speakers. How abnormal and for some people maybe even a great benefit for living here. Maybe though, if a few more people got to decorating and every street were to be lighted and brilliant, it would settle more for my taste. Even though when in the winter, you’re on your way to school and there is a slight cover of white on the grass and roofs, it wouldn’t hurt for a little more snow, and then all you Californians would really know how to dress in winter. The parks would be filled with snowball fights and imprinted snow angels. A whole different sight to see. Otherwise, Christmas here on the west coast is just like fall anywhere else.


2 thoughts on “Christmas in California

  1. “The parks would be filled with snowball fights and imprinted snow angels ”

    *Sigh* That would be a sight I would love to see. ❤

    True, winter in CA is no fun! D:

  2. I’ve spent two Christmases in California. 1974 in Costa Mesa and in 2006 my daughter got married on the beach (Long Beach). I remember the magical sight of palm trees wrapped in lights like your photo. I honestly did not miss the snow, guess I’ve seen and made enough snow angels and snowballs, I prefer sandcastles. 😀 As far as Christmas lights go, I wish people would leave them up (like we do) all winter. Winter without Christmas is like Narnia without Aslan.

    I long to experience Christmas in California again!

    ❤ carmen

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