The “Teenage Society”

When it comes to middle school and high school, that’s when you have to know how to survive. Many girls are super critical of one another; sometimes they’ll like you if you’re pretty, and sometimes they wont. Mainly this depends on a person’s personality. Obviously there are people in Hollywood that are not so great looking, but the public loves them. It’s all because of their personality. This applies here. For boys though, it is harder for me to see since I am not one πŸ˜€ Being born and somewhat raised in a foreign country in Europe, I’ve seen much. Including all the processes to get to the U.S which was all in itself an adventure to many different countries in Europe Β and landmarks, or other states in America. Due to the fact, I feel highly professional and differing from others around. Mainly though, I relate to my classmates in my classes because we are all honors kids. Still though, there are people in my class who I just cannot come to understand, and their ways. And believe me, there’s a whole bunch of drama, which I of course, tend to stay out of (in reference to my “dating” post below). Therefore, I have a smaller group of friends with whom I spend my time with. They’re parents are immigrants, and they also speak a second language, so it’s easier to relate. In addition, teenagers seem to ignore and disrespect their parents often. However, for me, I honestly love them. I guess at this age, people just take things like such for granted, but it’s all so much more. Really, they are the people closest to us, and if they are trying to find a way to see what is happening with you in your “personal” life and school, you should be free to speak with them. If they don’t talk with you much, ask them about their job, I mean that’s what has you in the position that you’re currently at. In essence, cuss words are just used way too loosely. I honestly become very annoyed if someone by me says F**** or S***. Okay, really? Not cool. Everyone thinks they’re all grown up now, so they can just say these things. No way! First of all, these are offensive words and second of all, they are not for proper use! So cut it out if you do that, no matter what age, really. I certainly have no problems at school and I have fantastic friends, yet I just do things my way. Don’t try to fit in…wether it’s dress or speech and such…the best thing you can do, is be yourself.


3 thoughts on “The “Teenage Society”

  1. YAY!!! New post!!~ πŸ™‚

    I absolutely, totally, utmostly agree with your last statement: Don’t try to fit in…the best thing you can do, is be yourself.
    So many teens these days don’t realize a critical thing about themselves; that they are wonderfully different than others. Why not embrace yourself, and let others see your own unique self?
    Of course, so many teens do so, but so many don’t, especially teenage girls. Everywhere I look, I see many groups, or “cliques” of teens who dress the same, and speak the same. I suppose it’s because they need to feel accepted, but when you try to “blend in” with your friends, others won’t be able to see your individuality! So be yourself, and hold your head up high. Be PROUD of who you are. πŸ˜‰

  2. I like the way you express your thoughts, and I like that your thoughts are good, somewhat productive thoughts. πŸ™‚ If that made sense…?

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