“Consistent or Non Exist-ant”

Whenever an individual comes to a decision and decides to set a long term or a short term goal, consistency is the most essential component. Wether it is starting a project, or working your way towards being CEO, consistency has to be in play. If not, then you’re “non existent”. I quote this because they are not my words, only my explanation of the subject. I heard this a while ago from a very successful and wealthy person. People such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Steve Jobs(though now passed)  had come to understand this. If you decide to work towards anything, you have to be consistent because by procrastinating and sitting on the couch, you are not going to be able to achieve your goal. As this successful person  had also advised, “successful people do things, that they don’t necessarily like or want to do”. Not saying that they work utter jobs and such, but subjects as in everyday life. For example, I don’t like to vacuum, but will it move my life forward? In a way, yes; it will help me be healthier and a clean and organized surrounding will be achieved. If we put these things off, or procrastinate, it will never be completed. And the reason that we sometimes delay the start of a project is because we focus on the process. What we need to see though, is the reward. What will come from me finishing a project? The reward… a good grade… a promotion…and such. Just remember, ” you’re either consistent, or you’re non- existent” -Mike Litman.


2 thoughts on ““Consistent or Non Exist-ant”

  1. hmmm, very thoughtful and very true.
    I really need to take those last words in the post to heart, because I am a MAJOR procrastinator! 😉 If you look on the bright side, however, if I become a serial killer, I’ll never get around to killing anyone. Haha, wow, what a crude, messed up sense of optimism I have…

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