Knowing What You Want is Key










What may be the first step to success? Starting a business, earning a specific amount of money, and objects such that, all require a simple first step. Before you decide what you want, you need to first think of the subject. For example, if you want or need a specific amount of money, your first step is to imagine. Do you want or need $40,000 for that car you’ve always wanted, see that money, imagine it. Afterwards, when you know what you want, and you’ve imagined what it is you want, you have to forget. Don’t focus on this money you want every single hour and every single day of your life. Instead, you need to find other things that hobby you. However, make sure these subjects are effective to your time. Ask yourself, will this activity move my life forward, will it provide me with advantages, and skill growth? All these details and components will start to form and structure your life, and you won’t even know it, but you will be working your way towards that money you once imagined and thought of. Knowing what you want is key. Only decide on it work on it, and  you will achieve.


7 thoughts on “Knowing What You Want is Key

  1. Yes, we have to focus on/ask ourselves what’s really important. If we continue that thought-experiment with the car, the question must be: Will this car make me truly happy, and for how long? After a week or two, everything will be back to normal and the «new car scent» will be gone..

      • ” Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach we are never satisfied. ”
        – Machiavelli, Niccolo
        One of my favorite quotes. I think we can all relate.

        BTW, I love how the author’s “deep” side shows through in her posts…;)

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