Animals as Pets; Our Furry Companions

In our society, almost everyone has an animal in their home, a pet. I own a bunny, and as I was petting her one day, I got to thinking, why I love having her around. Why I love to give her a clean and safe environment. I decided it was because  she sometimes calms me down, as well as fills my life with laughter and happiness. And our pets, even though we may not think so, they have their own little personalities. Even an animal as small as a dwarf rabbit. At times, we may think that they aren’t very smart. However, after watching and studying my bunny for over a year’s time, I’ve noticed how intelligent she really is, in her own ways. For instance, I’ve observed her friendly strategies and the way she shares some of the same characteristics that cats tend to have, such as grooming and the ability aim higher and jump up to places such as my desk (which she isn’t allowed to be on). Which leads me into memory, that she always goes places that she knows she’s not allowed to be at. And when I come along, she’s quick to jump off.

From my experiences of having a majority of other pets before my current bunny, we as humans, love to have someone there, someone cute and fuzzy, with whom we can share opinions (even though knowing there’s a small chance they actually can comprehend), having someone or something( though not my favorite phrase to use towards animals) to admire or watch a movie with. I believe this is why so many single bachelors and bachelorettes tend to hold cats or dogs in their home. The simplicity of having cute company, how divine! : )


12 thoughts on “Animals as Pets; Our Furry Companions

  1. Even couples enjoy pets to talk to and play with.They fill the inevitable voids in communication especially as they mature.The folks,not the critters.Cute bunny by the way.

  2. AWWWWW I still cannot get over how adorable she is!!!~

    True, the bond that animals and humans share is special, and cannot be replaced by a human relationship. How often do you cry when a dog/animal in the movie dies, but don’t even shed a tear for the tragic death of a character? For me, too often to be humane….;)

  3. Your bunny is soooooooooooo adorable. I agree with what you said even if my turtles aren’t furry. They make me calm watching them and they are also funny! 🙂

  4. Awwww. so darn cute. I remember we had a bunny as our class pet in 5th grade. We all had to take turns feeding him and taking care of him. This post brought back great memories

  5. Your bunny is adorable! I have written about our tortoise…I agree with you that these little creatures have personalities and traits/habits that are very calming. We had rabbits when my children were young, and I’ve been considering getting a rabbit to have at our house for the grandchildren. They are really sweet pets! Loved the photos and I enjoyed your thoughts on the value they add to our lives. Debra

  6. Sweet sweet bunny! I love lop-eared rabbits…they are so endearing. I love the photos you have of her, and the story you wrote. She sounds very sweet.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog! I like yours! 😉

  7. Oh my goodness — your bunny is so adorable! I agree about how wonderful pets are, and how we own them for the comfort and companionship they provide. Rabbits, dogs, horses, goats…they’re all so wonderful!

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