Grand Canyon- North Rim Tour

This last Wednesday of this week, I had the benefit of taking a drive, fly, and float tour at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. At the very beginning, on our way there, we got to stop by and see Hoover Dam, which actually stands right on the border of Nevada. And afterwards, we drove to the canyon in a luxury Pink Jeep, which made the 3 hour ride there, that much more enjoyable. I got to go on the sky walk, which was completed and opened in 2007, a multi-million dollar project. It’s basically a peninsula-shaped bridge with a glass floor. Therefore, you can see 4000 feet below yourself when on it. The ticket to go on is about $30 per person, so once you pay, there’s no going back, haha. This structure really tests an individual’s fear and withstanding of height. My mom was very scared, but my dad and I had no struggles. I for one, didn’t know it was in me, but I was a little sick (in reference to post below). Eagle Point, a natural rock formation that has shaped to look to the eye like an eagle coming in for a landing with wings spread wide, was also spotted. In the helicopter ride, we saw everything. It was a 360 degree view, even below our feet, we could see the canyon and Colorado River. A short flight around and through the canyon took us then below into the canyon to board a small but powerful boat which would then take us a few miles along the Colorado River. Because of all the rock in the canyon, the temperature greatly changed at the bottom by the river. At the top, it was breezier and colder by about 10 degrees. Really though, the pictures tell the story.

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9 thoughts on “Grand Canyon- North Rim Tour

  1. Fantastic photo’s … will be on my bucket list when visiting Las Vegas .. whenever that will be. *smile Had problems with flying helicopter over Niagara Falls and the glass floor at Searโ€™s tower, so afraid of heights โ€“ when I know I maybe survive in the fall, but hurdles are there to be challenged. Thanks for taking me there.

  2. “And afterwards, we drove to the canyon in a luxury Pink Jeep, which made the 3 hour ride there, that much more enjoyable. ”

    a PINK Jeep?! Yeah, that would DEFINITELY make the ride more enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love the pictures, very beautiful! And you looked so cool in that helicopter picture w/ your mom, all decked out with equipment! XD

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