Vegas, Baby!

Sigh, Las Vegas…my most favorite location and city in the world! Just so happened that I had also the benefit of visiting this spectacular city this last week, and boy was it something. I’m shocked of how much I loved it because this was my third time there! And can I tell you, it was super hard to leave the place. The atmosphere is so beautiful and upbeat. There’s no stress, no tension. When you’re in Vegas, just leave all your worries behind and have fun.

First off, of course, the hotels…all the wonderful and beautiful, breathtaking hotels and their casinos. Gorgeous! Different hotels have their own different and individual styles. Some, like the one I stayed at, Vdara, are very modern. Vdara, for example is a very newly built hotel which is located by another modern styled hotel and casino on the strip, Aria. Of course there are many many other splendid hotels, such as the Cosmopolitan and the Crystals, which are also very very modern. And then there are the tasteful, Europe- inspired hotels such as the Bellagio, Monte Carlo, Venetian, and Paris. Our family is non smoking though, so Vdara provided the perfect sleeping headquarters due to the fact of it being a smoke free hotel and spa, probably the only one such located directly on the strip. It stands right alongside the beautiful Bellagio hotel, which is a great benefit because you’re not far from the fantastic Bellagio fountains and the gorgeous hotel itself.

When we went to Vegas, we also had a bit of shopping to do in mind. So we located an amazing and modern shopping mall across the street from the Wynn and Encore casinos and hotels. It’s convenient to do the shopping while at Vegas, because the taxes are much lower then in the state I live in and the mall  is conveniently located, especially if you stay on the strip as I did.

The dining was expensive, but worth it. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was cozy and tasteful. While there, we visited a few restaurants, those including two of now my favorites, The Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Todd English’s Olives. Eiffel Tower Restaurant was located, obviously, in the center, towards the top of the Eiffel tower in Las Vegas’s Paris hotel. It provided a fantastic atmosphere and the food was highly gourmet class in the French style. Olive’s was at the Bellagio and even had a patio that came out right to the Bellagio Fountains, the dishes there were also very high class Italian.

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Walking through the city and hotels though, I knew I had to capture the sights for the third time. But with every trip there, I notice something new, as new hotels are being constructed and features of the beautiful location are renewed. Therefore, this city is never stuck in time, for it is one by day and another by nightfall. As for shows, that’s quite another subject Las Vegas is a hub for. A show is definitely worth going to. However, we ran out of time due to the Grand Canyon and such, so we ended up not attending one this trip. Last year, however, we went to Criss Angel’s Believe by Cirque Du Soleil. It was completely AMAZING! I loved it sooo much. The show is still performed at the Luxor today by the magician of the country and year, Criss Angel the Mindfreak. With him, is Vegas’ favorite circus, Cirque Du Soleil, which also does many of its own shows such as “O”, Mystere, The Beatles- LOVE, and Viva Elvis. Visit soon, and you will not regret it, in fact, like me you’ll not want to leave and just be nagging yourself to go back and stay : )


8 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Wonderful … on my bucket list to go … see Le Cirq every evening for 7 days .. and then die happy. Thank you for taking me there. It will happen one day.

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