Conceited or Confident? -The Fine Line Between the Two

I try to stay confident at all times, because in that way, I know I’ll be respected and not ignored. However, some people tell me that due to the fact that I respect and carefully take care of myself, I’m conceited. I definitely do not agree with this fact, yet I see how in through the individual’s eyes, it could seem so. In order to be confident, one has to hold their head high, be a leader, be social, own their body, and know what they want. When I sense some vibrations such those when being around another person of my caliber and age, I immediately know how I can and cannot act with them- or in other words, I gain respect to them. When I feel that people aren’t too confident of their-selves, I feel like I can easily tell them what to do, and how to do it- I can easily gain control of the person, because I have a stable confidence built up within, and they do not. So, this is definitely an important factor to establish within yourself as soon as possible. On the subject, a person is conceited or vain, when they focus on themselves on large amounts of time, speak mostly of themselves, and think that they are the most beautiful person on the planet. Obviously to be conceited, one has taught themselves the skill of confidence. which they greatly use from then and on. If an individual is vain, however, they usually wont try to lead people, and like to work by themselves or have someone else do that work for them. They usually don’t process and/or cooperate well in a group. This person is also using confidence in a self- centered way, which most likely, doesn’t draw peers closer to them. Work carefully with your confidence, for if the skill isn’t used correctly, you might just turn out with vain.  So, conceited or confident- which will you be, and how will you be categorized?


8 thoughts on “Conceited or Confident? -The Fine Line Between the Two

  1. Interesting post.I always thought a confident person was self aware enough to know their strengths;and found it unnecessary to control other people.One question: is the cat in your picture confident or delusional ?

  2. I hadn’t thought about it in those terms, i.e. conceited or confident, but they go well together. One is a necessary evil or blessing of the other. It comes down to how people perceive you.

  3. I love this! I would say that society in general is more harsh to women who are confident. Calling a woman who is not unhappy with how she looks, her job, or educational level…etc. conceited is a way of putting her “in her place.” I have noticed this a lot. It’s almost as if you have to hate yourself to gain any sort of acceptance these days!

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