Furry Attraction

I notice myself at the verge of tears when an ASPCA commercial is on the television- it forces me to switch to a different channel for a short moment of the time. However, when commercials come on that speak of children sick with cancer or the hungry, I just don’t get the same reaction, so I don’t usually change the channel. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the same concept applies here. Imagine, you’re sitting there at work, when a newly hired person comes into the office. Most will probably introduce themselves sooner or later but at the same time, most don’t get extremely happy or excited with the new employee. Now look here, you’re sitting at work when a small, little, labrador puppy sniffs its way in- the public’s normal reaction…”AAAWWWW!!!!”…. and everyone rushes over to pet and to meet the little guy. And obviously if the new employee was extremely hairy and furry, it wouldn’t draw people closer, probably scare them off actually. See my point? This is how things are with people. Here’s another situation; you see a homeless person out on the street. Some may give them a dollar or two, and some may avoid the scene. However, when we see a dog, homeless, starving, out on the street we fall apart (or people like me tend to) and we want so much to just help them, we want to save and care for them. There is something within us that may draw us to a small little animal, yet not a person, a sort of our own species. I couldn’t help but wonder….why the huge difference?


12 thoughts on “Furry Attraction

  1. Possibly because we know humans have more control over their external lives than other animals;like dog’s and cat’s do.Or maybe we just don’t like 2 legged strangers as much as the 4 legged,furry kind due to that competition thing.

  2. I agree with bdewayne. Many people blame homelessness on lazyness and stupidity, as if they deserve their situation, even though the majority of the time their situation is a product of untreated or wrongly treated mental illness. Also, puppies won’t judge you on that first impression of rubbing their bellies, where as we really care what other people think of us.

  3. I agree with the man before me .. here, I think that we are more willing to help the really helpless more, those that can’t do anything about their situation – children and animals are left down our mercy – while as an adult homeless we are expecting them to take charge of their own life, even if that may not be possible. Nobody want to be homeless – but shit happens in ourselves and sometimes things goes out of our control. Brilliant post .. made me think. And also a pet or a child is much cutier.

  4. I think part of it has to do with over-kill. We’ve been seeing those commercials about the starving kids for years, so we’re immune to their power. The animals are still a fairly new phenomenon, but they don’t work either (YA HEAR THAT ASPCA???) because, like you, I turn the channel.

  5. I believe it’s because honestly, most animals are just better than humans. Take dogs, for example. They are so loyal to their owners, and offer immediate love and affection. Now, humans, on the other hand, are not so innocent and lovable. I guess people are just drawn to innocence, like little kids and cute pets.

  6. Animals are beyond the good and the evil. The fact that they are not human and they wouldn’t hurt us for no apparent reason, makes them more innocent and helpless and that is probably the truth.
    On the other hand humans are always trying to save humans but not many people care about animals, plants and other wonderful and sentient alive beings.
    Nice and honest post. As a vegan what can I say? I love animals and i love your blog :). Thanks for following.

  7. I have the same reaction to both the fine, furry, four-legged animals and the children. The only difference is that I’ll usually donate a little something to the animals.

  8. I wonder if our behavior toward animals is due to the fact that we know how helpless they are. Pets like dogs, cats, goats, etc depend entirely on us for their survival and welfare. Humans, on the other hand, are gifted by God to be ingenious enough to figure things out on their own and — oftentimes — improve whatever situation they are in. Humans seem more independent and in control than animals.
    Still, it definitely makes me think, because so often, some people are in dire straits that they can’t change. The children in Africa for example. They are just as helpless as a homeless dog, and we ought to care for them as much — if not more — than we do for a dog.
    Thanks for liking my post, too!

  9. Animals don’t ask… or appear to be asking us to do something for them; well, not overtly! They appear vulnerable to us; we know that they will love us for any little kindness we give them. We can ‘walk away’ after having been kind and know that our duty is done; they will not continue to knock at our door asking for more. It gives our hearts great pleasure to give; especially to those whose innocence is captivating.
    People, on the other hand, don’t conjure up that same sense of vulnerability as do animals. We can give and give and be exhausted by the giving. If it isn’t a case of ‘teach them to fish for themselves’ we see our own resources being uselessly used and abused. Sad however; were we to know that our resources (money, love, caring, etc.,) were going to be honoured and generated into ‘more’, then we may have a greater tendency to give. (Not to say that there are not those people and institutions doing great things in a productive and perpetual sense however; this is a conception that many have…. and cannot overcome.) A form of ‘self-protection perhaps…!

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