Put Yourself First

Not too long ago, I was speaking to a friend, and I heard a truly interesting piece of advice. Put yourself first. I know what you must be thinking, that this is selfish, but let me explain. I, myself absolutely LOVE to give people (especially the close ones to me) presents. And not just simply gift cards, or money but true presents- something personal. However, before you start caring about other people around you, you must remember to care about yourself. You have to be in the safe situation to be able to help and care for others. Also, if you don’t care about yourself and don’t respect yourself for you, then neither will the people surrounding you. Also, don’t give it your all. Technically, to healthily support various charities and such, people should only give about 10% of what they earn because it’s also dangerous to you to give all or almost everything you have because then, even though you’ll be helping others, you’ll be doing yourself harm. “Save yourself, before you start saving the world.”- Mike Litman.


5 thoughts on “Put Yourself First

  1. Then, I’m on the right track .. have put myself first for 3 years now and I feel so good about it – to do what I feel for when I feel for it. If you are not able to help yourself – you are not able to help others.

  2. Putting yourself first is a key step to living a fulfilled life. You have to be able to spend time on yourself and your needs, but there is a rather delicate balance between healthily living, and being selfish.

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