In the Shadow of a Blog

One of my other interests that I have, is fashion- it’s like a part of me and who I am. So, recently I created a new website, A LA MODE, in tribute to this inspiration/interest I have. On the blog/site I put together outfits and clothing items, that suit my taste. In addition, I discuss celebrity fashion that might’ve taken place at a Hollywood studded premiere or such. I noticed that many of you, who are my followers, also run fashion blogs so I decided to put up this post to let you know, in case you wanted to check it out. This website, Life is a Gift, is one I made nearly 2 years ago. Since my new one is registered under the same user name/web address, it is highly tinted and people usually don’t come to it due to the web address, hottabb, the address to this site. So please visit; A LA MODE   It’s also in the “Links” section on the right hand side column below. Let me know what you think 😉


2 thoughts on “In the Shadow of a Blog

  1. Check it out! It’s pretty different from “Life is a Gift”, but it’s altogether interesting in it’s own way. It has helpful tips for those who want a little help putting together an outfit. 🙂

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