The Power of Imagination

  Some may say that dreaming, and imagining are childish subjects. However, they are incredibly strong. First off, when we are children, we draw and built and day dream and when we grow older our minds are filled with school, work, and such. I remember when I was younger, I would draw the most interesting things- from fairy world, to enchanted forests, to princesses and what they must have lived like. Now, my drawing abilities are limited, for I need a picture to work off of. What we need to realize, though, is that we form the world around us. I remember once when I was hungry, while out, I sat down and imagined a huge sandwich from Sub Way, one that I would’ve personalized and made myself. The next day, after my band’s band practice, my friend’s father took me and my friend to Sub Way. I was so thrilled, and I couldn’t believe the effect. Furthermore not too long ago, my father was speaking to a man named John, and he spoke of a story which included imagination in play. He would go on hunting trips with his father, as a small boy, and tell his father’s friends stories (which he made up) about his hunting experiences. One of those, was about a goose that he claimed to have shot. He said that when he shot at the bird, it flew off and landed in a bush, in which it still lays to this day. The men, of course finding the story to be miraculous, asked John to go to that particular bush. When they had arrived, my father’s friend shot at the brush, and with absolute miracle, the goose flew out of it, the very one he had described in his mind. Now, John says that he couldn’t believe his eyes. How could have everything been exactly as he had described? Also, apply imagination to your desires. If we want something, it definitely helps to sit down in a quiet location, and just imagine, just think. Imagine the house you want to live in, where it will be, and what it will look like, for details count. Or, like I sometimes do, go to that place where you know you want to live at, and choose a house or lot. Then, take a picture of it, take a picture of yourself in front of it- and hang it up somewhere you’ll look to see it every day. As one had said, “It is not we who are in the world, the world is rather in us”.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Imagination

  1. I can tell you put much thought and effort into this post, in particular. Excellent job!~ Your writing skills are improving, and I like how the picture is in line w/ the “imagination” part of the post. You know, most things are so miraculous, they could hardly be seen as a coincidence. Is it the power of imagination, as you subtly suggested? Or is another hand at play here? 😉

    And another point you hit here; by using our gift of imagination, we can create reality out of our beliefs. Putting it simply,
    ““A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”
    – Ghandi

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