Fascination by Nature

  We live on this huge sphere, Earth. It is incredibly large and therefore also full of wonders. Yet of those, there are still many that we cannot explain. However, even though people are fascinated with subjects on other planets such as Mars and the Moon, we can find miracles and fascination much closer to home. Things like bio luminescence (a result of a blue glow) are one of the most amazing events that you can lay eyes on. What happens here, is that large amounts of microscopic plankton are washed  (disturbed) onto shores. When they are sensing fear, they begin to glow. This is also called red tide, because in the daylight, the plankton cause the water to turn red due to their hue or color. When I saw this video, it just made me think- this is nature at work- no special effects or lighting in the ocean, just one of life’s/nature’s/earth’s miracles.


3 thoughts on “Fascination by Nature

  1. wow….!

    That is beautiful; leave it up to Mother Nature to bring us such a wondrous spectacle.

    Thank you for sharing.

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