Worker Bees

   Bees; little bugs who spend their whole lives working by gathering pollen in order to make honey; fly-like bugs that make large amounts of honey, but use only a fraction of the product. Humans are like that too, in more ways that we can recognize. I found that it kinda upset me that the average person spends almost their entire life working. Working to afford luxuries, a home, food, cars and such. In addition,  most of us either attend school or work for 5 days a week for about 7+ hours. Therefore, we only have two full days to spend with our families (with the exception of holiday weekends). That’s pretty sad. We spend most of our time with teachers, classmates, co workers and managers more than with our parents, and kids.

We are also very different from bees in many ways. We have choices in life, and are not programmed by nature. We know that college after high school is the right thing to do, yet some choose their own paths- and sometimes, those people end up being more successful than people who have dedicated 5+ years in a high-end university ,just because they had an idea that they carried out well! For example, Bill Gates, a college drop-out- but with one idea of the Windows Microsoft became a multibillionaire. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? So I couldn’t help but wonder, will we always be the worker bees that we are, or in some way, will we progress to being able to afford all the luxuries and yet being able to enjoy life a little more with the people most dear to us? Can we really have it all?


5 thoughts on “Worker Bees

  1. I suppose that even though we are like worker bees in many ways, that is just the way it is. Due to the nature of our society, I doubt it would function well without being a working nation; just as a bee hive would not function well without worker bees.

  2. As above reply stated, humans are people who have to adapt to their surroundings to survive, and that’s the way things are from the moment we’ve been brought up into this world.

  3. I solved the worker bee problem way back in 1973 when I was a freshman at Texas A&M University. Instead of buying into the five-day work week, weekends, holidays, etc., I treat every day the same, and I’m available to work 24/7. Then I schedule a 5-minute break every hour; and an hour break every morning, afternoon, and evening. If I have time left over, I can do whatever I want, work, play, etc. Been doing that for 39 years with no ill effects. It works for me.

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