Better Safe than Sorry?

  There’s a popular sane that I’m sure all of you have heard at least once in your lifetime; “Better safe than Sorry!” But are you really? Life is all about risk, even the everyday things that we go forth with; taking a shower, cooking breakfast, driving your car, crossing the street…. you could say, “I’m not going to go (drive) to work today cause there are crazy drivers out there, better safe than sorry!’ But then you’d be left without a job and be stuck at home fearing the outside world because of all the dangers. Of course, I’m applying the sane to more extreme things, such as opening that business you always wanted, going out on a first date, jumping with a parachute. You just never know and that’s the truth, we have to come prepared, we gather the materials we need for the business, we’re careful with the first date, we learn how to jump correctly. Some people want things like their own business, a relationship, and such but they’re afraid that maybe they’ll go bankrupt and be left heart-broken or just broken in general. However, life is a risk altogether and that’s what makes it an interesting adventure- for risks are also like challenges. For instance, every Hollywood movie is a huge risk! Large amounts of money go into the filming and casting of the actors and story line, but no one knows what the public will love, and how the franchise will do in the theaters. On top of it all, the people who are mulit-millionaires in this world, are the ones who take the risks. So with all these thoughts swirling around in my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder…are we really better safe than sorry?


5 thoughts on “Better Safe than Sorry?

  1. Mulit-millionaires are risk takers … but some of them haven’t been honest getting where they are today. Loads of black money .. and some has got it completely for free – oil has popped up on their ground … or the money has been inheritance – we can’t all be risk takers how would the world be then – some of us has to be safe than sorry – otherwise the world wouldn’t have any structure – everybody would be jumping of the cliffs. Regarding Hollywood and film making – big stars in big films – comes out right to 95% – it’s the money they pay their stars that make the ticket prizes be so extremely high. Toke friends to cinema to see Batman – 5 tickets and it cost me more then a meal on a restaurant. How can an average family afford prices like that ???? I think the world needs most of us to be safe … and the rest can take the risks.

  2. True that.I would rather risk failure or pain than end my life full of I’m sorry that I didn’t do something.Besides I can’t think of any major accomplishments that were made by being timid.

  3. Good point. “Better Safe than Sorry”, a saying that mothers and grandparents often say, usually used to caution a loved one into stepping into dangerous waters. Sometimes it’s just said without too much depth, like a parent telling their child to put on a coat, lest they catch a cold.
    However, when it comes to things like making life-changing decisions, the saying still applies. How often has someone reminded themselves that they are better off staying quiet in the situation of asking their boss for a raise? Instead of taking a risk, they remain timid and contemplative. The brave ones say, “Just do it!” The results vary, of course. It’s a gamble, whatever the conditions. It may end up that they get the raise, but sometimes, they get rejected.

    But what’s the worst that can happen? After all, if you don’t take some risks now and then, you’ll never be able to claim an opportunity that passed you by.

    ~ Thanks for the post! ;D It got me thinking.

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