The New Year

new-years-resolution-goal-settingNew years are so exciting- both to celebrate and to start! It’s almost like an opportunity to start over 😉 Most of us set resolutions, and I find that we all should because that way we would spend our year motivated to get something beneficial done as well as consider the fact that motivation gives us a thrilling ride through life. These can include; being more organized ( a celebrity favorite, I’ve noticed!), going to the gym more often, or learning a new skill. We can progress throughout the year with these resolutions and then towards the holiday seasons, we can begin to check our progress! I personally, find it very satisfying when I’ve reached a goal or finished a project, it just feels like you have so much to live for and that you can always get better at something, anything…for there are no perfect people on the planet, but when we accomplish what we’ve set our minds to, we come pretty close to perfection 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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