The Programmed Mentality

From a very young age, we are programmed. Programmed by how we should act, what we should be, what we should do and that we must do it like everyone else does it. Much rather, everyone expects you to do it better. What comes to mind is education. “Get straight A’s”, they say, “do your best in school”, they plead. And sure it’s an easy rhythm to get into when you’re in elementary school. Soon however, high school is reached. TIme to shine. High school is basically like “the final countdown”. This is where you really push it into high gear and those ringing memories burn into your mind every single day. So you do everything in your power to your best capability just so you can achieve what would seem to be like the ultimate prize- admission to college!

And so you’ve worked your butt off and have gotten accepted into the college of your dreams. Now different worries fill your mind. Now you’re in, you’ve made it. But the tuition- Do you work? Do you take out a loan? Do you apply for scholarships end on end? Or perhaps are you lucky to have your parents pay for you? And most importantly, will you love this career that you are setting yourself up for from this moment on, throughout the rest of your life?

In college and universities, we are taught accordingly to the field we have chosen to occupy. It is definite that they teach us, yes, but really we are being trained into becoming employees. Actually, so much of what we learn in high school isn’t even relevant to us for the rest of our lives. The complexity of calculus and the experiments of chemistry only apply if those are your interests that you are willing to pursue. Otherwise the subjects are a mere stress that once we get over and pass the tests, will surely be forgotten.

And though it’s hard to reprogram oneself beyond everything that has been stamped into our brains in the past, I’m beginning to think that students need to go beyond the classroom if they want to achieve something extraordinary and truly successful. The college program isn’t designated for those who have the mentality of thriving millionaires. That wouldn’t be beneficial for the nation, nor would it be favored by the upper class. Our education system, though we are gifted to have it, programs us from the very beginning…to learn material that everyone else does…to be ordinary. It’s really up to us to take the time and educate ourselves with the golden knowledge of how to achieve success if that is what we strive for. That is the conclusion I’ve come to. It is all up to you to go beyond what is taught and to find more valuable and applicable material- the key to success.


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