What Would you Dream?

As a kid I’ve never quite enjoyed the idea of “going to bed”…but I don’t think many of us did… XD As I got older however, sleep became something like an escape and a good dream became Euphoria…the possibilities in a dream are endless. Imagine what you would do if you were able to control them- where would it take you?


The New Year

new-years-resolution-goal-settingNew years are so exciting- both to celebrate and to start! It’s almost like an opportunity to start over 😉 Most of us set resolutions, and I find that we all should because that way we would spend our year motivated to get something beneficial done as well as consider the fact that motivation gives us a thrilling ride through life. These can include; being more organized ( a celebrity favorite, I’ve noticed!), going to the gym more often, or learning a new skill. We can progress throughout the year with these resolutions and then towards the holiday seasons, we can begin to check our progress! I personally, find it very satisfying when I’ve reached a goal or finished a project, it just feels like you have so much to live for and that you can always get better at something, anything…for there are no perfect people on the planet, but when we accomplish what we’ve set our minds to, we come pretty close to perfection 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Every Day Like the Last

live-life   Lately there have been a few speculations about the end of the world, and the date of it being set towards the 21st of December of this year; 12-21-12. I can’t say that I believe it will happen and I can’t say I don’t believe it will happen. In reality, the end can happen any day and I don’t think there’s a way to schedule that. Whatever happens, happens and even though we have no control over that, we have domain over how we spend our time. Every day, one should try to accomplish something they never have, complement somebody you run in to on a daily basis and just live life to its fullest. If you truly do believe in the concept of the 21st, then take a vacation that you’ve always wanted to and whether or not it happens, it will bring you happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Tell that one person you adore that you appreciate them, spend more time with family (the holidays are coming up anyhow!)…Do it right! Live life to the fullest 🙂

Better Safe than Sorry?

  There’s a popular sane that I’m sure all of you have heard at least once in your lifetime; “Better safe than Sorry!” But are you really? Life is all about risk, even the everyday things that we go forth with; taking a shower, cooking breakfast, driving your car, crossing the street…. you could say, “I’m not going to go (drive) to work today cause there are crazy drivers out there, better safe than sorry!’ But then you’d be left without a job and be stuck at home fearing the outside world because of all the dangers. Of course, I’m applying the sane to more extreme things, such as opening that business you always wanted, going out on a first date, jumping with a parachute. You just never know and that’s the truth, we have to come prepared, we gather the materials we need for the business, we’re careful with the first date, we learn how to jump correctly. Some people want things like their own business, a relationship, and such but they’re afraid that maybe they’ll go bankrupt and be left heart-broken or just broken in general. However, life is a risk altogether and that’s what makes it an interesting adventure- for risks are also like challenges. For instance, every Hollywood movie is a huge risk! Large amounts of money go into the filming and casting of the actors and story line, but no one knows what the public will love, and how the franchise will do in the theaters. On top of it all, the people who are mulit-millionaires in this world, are the ones who take the risks. So with all these thoughts swirling around in my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder…are we really better safe than sorry?

Worker Bees

   Bees; little bugs who spend their whole lives working by gathering pollen in order to make honey; fly-like bugs that make large amounts of honey, but use only a fraction of the product. Humans are like that too, in more ways that we can recognize. I found that it kinda upset me that the average person spends almost their entire life working. Working to afford luxuries, a home, food, cars and such. In addition,  most of us either attend school or work for 5 days a week for about 7+ hours. Therefore, we only have two full days to spend with our families (with the exception of holiday weekends). That’s pretty sad. We spend most of our time with teachers, classmates, co workers and managers more than with our parents, and kids.

We are also very different from bees in many ways. We have choices in life, and are not programmed by nature. We know that college after high school is the right thing to do, yet some choose their own paths- and sometimes, those people end up being more successful than people who have dedicated 5+ years in a high-end university ,just because they had an idea that they carried out well! For example, Bill Gates, a college drop-out- but with one idea of the Windows Microsoft became a multibillionaire. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? So I couldn’t help but wonder, will we always be the worker bees that we are, or in some way, will we progress to being able to afford all the luxuries and yet being able to enjoy life a little more with the people most dear to us? Can we really have it all?

Fascination by Nature

  We live on this huge sphere, Earth. It is incredibly large and therefore also full of wonders. Yet of those, there are still many that we cannot explain. However, even though people are fascinated with subjects on other planets such as Mars and the Moon, we can find miracles and fascination much closer to home. Things like bio luminescence (a result of a blue glow) are one of the most amazing events that you can lay eyes on. What happens here, is that large amounts of microscopic plankton are washed  (disturbed) onto shores. When they are sensing fear, they begin to glow. This is also called red tide, because in the daylight, the plankton cause the water to turn red due to their hue or color. When I saw this video, it just made me think- this is nature at work- no special effects or lighting in the ocean, just one of life’s/nature’s/earth’s miracles.